Peter U Larsson om Svenska

Posted March 1, 2010 by martenrunow
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En gammal vän till mig har jobbat på något mycket intressant sedan ett tag tillbaka och jag tänkte informera om detta genom denna blogg:

Svensk gramatik på ett enkelt och förståeligt sätt!

Peter U Larsson

Så här säger läsarna:

“Jag ville bara tacka dig för en ENORMT bra hemsida. Sällan har jag förstått så mycket utav vår svenska gramatik. Många bra exempel och förklaringar. Tack!”

“Hej, ett stort tack för denna fantastiska sida med den svenska gramatiken! Jag är mycket intresserad av svenska språket, men känner att jag har tappat bort mycket genom åren och här får jag nu ett bra tillfälle att fräscha upp allt jag glömt! På ett trevligt pedagogiskt och lätt-tillgängligt sätt. Ett otroligt bra stöd också när jag hjälper barnbarnen med läxorna i svenska. Massor av rosor till dig!”

Se dessa olika arbeten:





Grundläggande ord

Här har du chansen att repetera eller lära dig grunderna i det svenska språket. Mycket bra för barn också!

Är du intresserad av att skriva?
Du har nu chansen att publicera dig och få många läsare.
Se här:

Välkommen att besöka dessa sidor!
Peter U Larsson

Performia Slovakia promoting

Posted January 29, 2010 by martenrunow
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The fantastic Performia Team in Slovakia

I just wanted to show you this picture of the Performia Team in Slovakia standing by some huge banners of Performia and Exelect.

These banners are on the side of a very big highway in Bratislava.

They are doing really well in Slovakia and I am so happy for them.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Kind Regards,

Marten Runow

Fun Christmas Card from Performia – Mårten Runow

Posted December 11, 2009 by martenrunow
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Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and show off the Christmas Card from Performia! 😀


Christmas Card from Performia! Best wishes, Marten Runow

Merry Christmas from Performia

Posted December 7, 2009 by martenrunow
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I am not being as consistent as I would like to in updating my blog. I have been traveling a lot and though this brings me to meet a lot of fascinating people and experience a lot of good it is also taking a lot of time and energy so the blog has become a low priority.

Now that we are quickly approaching Christmas I would, however, like to wish you all a very merry holiday season.

I am spending Christmas with my family and I will enjoy every minute of it! I hope you too find this Christmas full of friends, family and happiness.

Kind Regards, Mårten Runow

PS. Feel free to visit our new website for PERFORMIA. Don’t forget to watch the video!

Performia Annual Convention

Posted October 9, 2009 by martenrunow
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So we had a great convention in Amsterdam this year with a lot of exciting releases that we managed to complete just on time.

You now have new tests that will help you find qualified sales-people and also a very new tool that will help you write ads in order to attract the right people for the position you need to fill. We also released a new website for performia that you can see if you click here PERFORMIA there is also a new video up there.

It was great to meet all the fantastic staff of Performia Offices around the world and I already miss every single one of them.

After the convention I delivered another Performia Seminar in Hiring in Holland and now I am about to leave for Slovakia!

Performia Summer

Posted July 27, 2009 by martenrunow
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I’ve been quite a lot in Sweden recently, doing a bunch of paper-work, spending time with my family and only going off for shorter trips. (I even had some time for golf!)

Now we are gearing up for Performia Convention times and this is as usual a very exciting time for us at Performia Int.

Just a quick update as I did not write for quite a while.

Why cooperate with Performia?

Posted May 25, 2009 by martenrunow
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Here is a letter received from one of Performia’s clients:

“Performia has provided us with a vast amount of useful information that enables us to hire productive people with the best qualities for the specific position. We now know that we can find good people very quickly and we know what to ask and what to say in order to find the RIGHT people without lingering about or being uncertain. It feels great to know you are there and available to help us. You are not only fantastic consultants but also excellent trainers.”

Have a great day!

Marten Runow